Hiking in South Tyrol

A hiking paradise on your doorstep

Lagundo is the ideal starting point for hikes of various grade of difficulty. You will find a true hiking paradise directly on the doorstep offering hiking paths between 300 and 3,000 meters in altitude. Many paths lead from Lagundo to the picturesque alpine regions that South Tyrol has to offer. Here you can choose between simple walks along the Algunder and Merano Waalwege or leisurely panoramic hikes, challenging mountain tours in the Texel Group Nature Park; and you will always be impressed.

Algunder Waalweg im Herbst mit Weintrauben
Paar beim Wandern in Südtirol mit Panorama Talblick
Meraner Höhenweg mit Panoramaaussicht ins Tal

The Best Route Choice: Waalweg

Less experienced hikers, families with children or simply hikers who desire to enjoy a relaxed hike can’t miss the different “Waalwege“, panoramic paths running along ancient irrigation channels on the mountain hillside, through vineyards and forests with a stunning view of the entire Adige valley.

... and guess what?

Lagundo even has its own: the Lagundo’s Waalweg, which is one of the most beautiful in Meran and offers magnificent panoramas. It begins at the Töllgraben Bridge, which is located below the Plars district, and leads to the heart of Merano. When you arrive in the Gratsch district of Merano, you have the opportunity to continue the delightful one-and-a-half-hour hike on the Tappeinerweg, which leads to the lively center of the spa town of Meran.

Oberdorner Algund Ferienwohnungen Wandergenuss Algunder Waalweg Zugang TVA c Hannes Niederkofler

Touching the ski…

More experienced hikers can’t miss the hiking paradise of South Tyrol’s largest Nature Park, the Naturpark Texelgruppe. Stunning hiking paths in high mountain regions can be easily reached thanks to the cable cars.

Oberdorner Algund Ferienwohnungen Wandergenuss Berge Alm TVA c Frieder Blickle

Merano High Mountain Road

The 100 km long Merano High Mountain Road (Meraner Höhenweg) belongs to the most beautiful circular hiking routes in the Alps. Lagundo is the gateway to the sunny south side of the hiking route!

Along the paths you will enjoy breathtaking views and you will come across ancient mountain farmhouses and natural beauties such as the the Sprons Lakes, the highest located Alpine lake area in South Tyrol with 10 mountain lakes, and the impressive Tschigat peak (2,998 meters), the Mutspitze (2,294 meters), as well as the Matatzspitze (2,179 meters).

Einstieg zum Meraner Höhenweg mit Tor und Treppe

There is always a way

Here you will find a selection of South Tyrol hiking tips divided into three different levels of difficulty; they differ in length, height and effort. There are no differences in terms of beauty and enjoyment! Choose your favorites when planning your vacation – there’s a lot to choose from!

  • Nature & Adventure path in Marling (30 min)
  • Family trail Nörderberg/Monte Tramontana (45 min)
  • Walderlebnispfad Aschbach adventure trail (1h)
  • Tappeiner (1h)
  • Algund Waalweg canal trail (1h)
  • Wine educational trail Algund/Lagundo (1h30)
  • Panoramic Kneipp Tour Lagundo (1h45)
  • Circular hiking track Forst (2h30)
  • From Algund/Lagundo to the Schlundenstein rock and Plars Waalweg canal
  • trail (3h30)
  • From Algund/Tell along the Marling Waalweg canal trail (3h)
  • Alpine Kneipp Tour Rio Lagundo (1h20)
  • Algund Waalweg canal trail (1h10)
  • Aschbach – Naturnser Alm (2h30)
  • Marlinger Höhenweg high alpine trail from Algund-Töll/Lagundo-Tel (2h15)
  • Burgweg trail from Algund/Lagundo to Schloss Tirol castle (3h)
  • Oberplars – Saxner path – Vellau – Kienegger path – Oberplars (3h10)
  • Leiter Alm mountain hut – Hochganghaus refuge – Gamplweg trail – Velloi (3h)
  • Leiter Alm – Hochganghaus – Oberhaus – Niederhaus (3h20)
  • Knottnkino (4h)
  • From Algund/Lagundo to Vellau/Velloi along the Grabbachweg and the Saxnerweg trails (4h)
  • Lagundo- Aschbach/Rio Lagundo (2h459
  • Vellauer Felsenweg trail and Hans-Frieden-Weg trail (2h40)
  • Lagundo – Leiter Alm mountain hut (4h)
  • From Algund to the Partschins water falls 83h)
  • Leiter Alm mountain hut – Taufenscharte pass – Mutspitze peak – Mutkopf restaurant – Steinegg restaurant – Leiter Alm mountain hut (3h45)
  • Leiter Alm mountain hut – Hochganghaus refuge – Gamplweg trail – Velloi (3h)
  • Hiking tour along the Kneipp trail of Lagundo (3h45)
  • Algunder Rötelspitze peak from the Leiter Alm mountain hut (4h50)
  • From Algund/Lagundo to Vellau/Velloi along the Grabbachweg and the Saxnerweg trails 84h)
  • Spronser Seen lakes: At the heart of the Texelgruppe Nature Park (5h15)
  • Tschigat (3,000 m) from the Leiter Alm mountain hut (6h22)
  • Peak Zielspitz/Cima Zielspitz (3.006 m) (8h45)
  • Paths along the irrigation channels in Merano (25h45)
  • Meran High Mountain Road from Leiter Alm hut (6h)

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